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Buy and print postage fast from home with Bitcoin, Monero and other 50+ cryptocurrencies


For privacy reasons, orders are automatically purged from the system after a period of 14 days.

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International only. Each shipment generates two documents.

Note: Fastway accepts parcels within the following limits.

Actual weight up to 18kg

Cubic weight up to 9kg

Maximum of 1 metre in length

Do not ship any package containing batteries with FedEx

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions    You can use decimal numbers

Package Weight

We recommend over-estimating the weight of your package so that it doesn't get returned back to you for underpayment.


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(Only required for Express shipping)


Paste Address

(Only required for Express shipping)

When shipping internationally, you go through the same steps as shipping domestically, except that you need to add customs information to your shipment. We use this information to automatically generate the necessary customs forms for your shipment.

Type of Contents    If unable to deliver the package will be abandoned.

Please add at least one item to your shipment by typing in the details below and clicking 'Add'

The total weight of the all items combined must not exceed the Package Weight (as entered on top of this page).

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