Terms Of Service


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Terms Of Service

By using our services you agree with the following:

  1. Both terms and conditions are the contracts between you (the buyer of the shipment) and us (CryptoPostage and/or their agents), in addition to the terms and conditions of the Global Express Assured Service Guide (Service Guide) and the International Mail Manual (IMM). You agree to our terms and conditions for you and everyone else with a legitimate interest in the shipment when you submit a shipment to us. Our conditions also cover any person with whom we may enter into a contract to receive, ship, or distribute your products. No CryptoPostage employee or anybody else has the right to modify or make a commitment on our behalf under any of our terms. If there is a discrepancy between Air Waybill (Shipping Label), Service Guide, or International Mail Manual (IMM), the present Service Guide or International Mail Manual (IMM) will be in control in that priority order.

  2. What Does Shipment Imply?:
    A shipment means all contents that are allowed for traveling under an Air Waybill (Shipping Label), not just any document or object in the shipment. You verify that the descriptions of the shipment are complete and correct. You accept that all shipments, including air, surface, or any other carrier, can be done by any means.

  3. Your Responsibilities:
    You guarantee that any item in the shipment is properly identified on this Air Waybill (Shipping Label) as well as any documentation which we approve for transport and which is properly signed, addressed, and packed to ensure secure transportation with ordinary care in handling. All charges, including shipping charges and potential surcharges, Customs and duties assessment including our prepaid charges, government penalties and fines, taxes and our lawyer fees and legal expenses associated related to this shipment, are your responsibility.

  4. Permitted Contents:
    We accept shipping documents (DOC) and non-documents (all other NON-DOC items), and value restrictions as specified by each destination country in the Service Guide. No shipment may include material that exceeds a total value of US $2,499. Shipments of NON-DOC may be subject to investigation.

  5. Contents Prohibited:
    Anything considered to be a restricted item as defined by the Transport Office, or dangerous materials as described by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) or the ICAO, or certain items listed in the Service Guide or the International Mail Manual (IMM), such as cash or cash equivalent is not accepted as shipping. For additional prohibited items and restrictions on this service, please see the Service Guide.

  6. Customs:
    You hire us and/or our agents as your export and import clearance representative. You also insure us or our agents as the nominal consignee for the customs clearance designation only. You are responsible and warrants that all laws and guidelines are applicable, including but not limited to Customs laws, import, export, and re-export laws, and governmental regulations of every country to from or through or on which your shipment can be transported are observed. You agree to provide such details and to fill out as well as connect to this Air Waybill (Shipping Label) any documentation needed to comply with such laws, rules, and regulations. We accept no liability for any losses or expenses due to your failure to comply with this provision on your behalf or any other person.

  7. Control Of Export:
    By this, you certify that all the statements and information in this Air Waybill (Shipping Label) and all accompanying export documents are true and accurate. You certify that no Electronic Export Information, no EEI (formerly known as the Shipper Export Declaration, or SED), or any other export data is needed in this shipment. Besides, you understand that civil and criminal sanctions for false or fraudulent statements, including forfeiture or sale, or breach of any US Export Law, including but not restricted to 13 USC Sec. 305, 22 USC Sec. 401, 18 USAC Sec. 1001 & 50 USC App.

  8. Instruction Letter:
    You hereby instruct us and/or our agents to complete, correct, or replace documents for you if you do not complete all the documents required for carriage or if the documents you are submitting do not match the services or destinations you are requesting. But, we are not obliged to do so. If you need a replacement air waybill form to complete shipping and we fill out that document, the terms, and conditions of this Air Waybill (Shipping Label) will remain applicable. We are not responsible for our actions on your behalf following this provision for you or any other person.

  9. Money-Back Guarantee:
    Under no circumstances do we offer a money-back guarantee.

  10. Claims For Loss or Damage:
    If the shipment gets lost or has been damaged, we are not responsible or liable for any claims you may file with one of our agents.

  11. Coverage Of Insurance:
    We do not provide insurance and do not cover claims. All claims should be addressed to the corresponding agent.

We are not liable for

  • Delayed Shipments:
    Our agents will strive to deliver your order in compliance with our daily delivery schedules. Even if we are at fault in pick-up, shipment, or delivery, we and/or our agents shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by delays.

  • Circumstances Beyond Our Control:
    We are not liable for loss, mis-delivery, damage, or delay of shipment due to unregulated circumstances. The conditions include terrorist activity; protests, labor actions; acts of God such as an earthquake, cyclone, hurricane, or flood; force majeure, such as invasion, plane crash or embargo, delays in import/export clearance; any defect or function in relation to the quality of the shipment which we are aware of in approving it or any actions or omissions taken or excluded by anyone outside our organization or the business. And if you the sender, did not ask for or know about a third party's delivery, we are not responsible. Electronic/ magnetic losses or the deletion of electronic or photographic images/ recordings are also not our responsibility.

  • Consequential Damages:
    If damages occur out of a contract or in some other shape of a civil action, including negligence, and even though if they are our fault, we are not responsible for the following: consecutive or special harm or loss; other indirect loss; or the violation of any other contract. The resulting harm or loss involves loss of sales, profit, interest, markets, and material usage, but is not limited to these only.

  • Illegal actives and misuse of our service:
    We are not responsible for anything that you as a customer can do with the service that we provide. Also, we are not responsible for any illicit product that you may mail. You consent to use our service exclusively for legal purposes and are liable for anything you mail. We will comply fully with the law enforcement authorities involved.

  • False Statements and Right to Inspect:
    Depending on the type of violation, the submission of a false, fabricated, or fraudulent declaration could result in prison up to 5 to 8 years (18 USC Sec. 1001). A civil punishment fee of up to $5,000 can be levied, along with a supplemental valuation of twice the falsely demanded amount (31 USC Sec. 3802). Your NON-DOC delivery can at our discretion, be opened and inspected by us or at the request of governmental authorities at any time.

  • Mandatory Law:
    Where any provision of this Air Waybill (Shipping Label) may contravene any relevant international treaties, legislation, government laws, regulations, or requirements, such provision shall remain in place as part of our agreement to the degree that it is not overruled. The other aspects of this Air Waybill (Shipping Label) shall not be affected by the invalidity or inefficacy of a clause. The address of the transmitter on the face of this Air Waybill (Shipping Label) is the place of implementation and the place of takeoff and the address of the destination is the address listed on the face of this Air Waybill (Shipping Label).

You agree to all our agent's terms and conditions of use; these may be found at:

Privacy Act Statement:

  • Your personal information will be used to complete your requested product or service by 39 USC 401, 403, 404, 407; 13 U.S.C. 301-307; and 50 U.S.C. 1702 are authorized for collection. Providing this information is optional but we will not process your transaction if it is not given. Without your permission, we shall not reveal your details to third parties, except to facilitate the transaction, to act on your behalf or order, or as legally appropriate. These situations include a conference office on your behalf, the financial institutions involved in financial transactions; a government or a private auditor; entities, including legal entities, as required by statute or legal proceedings; contractors and other individuals assisting us in the performance of the service (service providers); domestic and international customs; The Census Bureau and other export approved government entities.