CSV / Bulk Import


If you encounter any issues please feel free to contact our support email support@cryptopostage.info

CSV Import

Utilize our CSV Import feature for a seamless and efficient way to process your shipments in bulk. Our import allows you to upload your shipping data directly from a standardized CSV file. No more manual entries or repetitive tasks. Make your shipment management simpler and more streamlined.

Quick Guide:

  1. Download Our Template: Before starting, download our CSV template to ensure you have the correct format.
  2. Prepare Your CSV: Using the template, fill in all necessary shipment details. Common columns might include: name, address, weight, and any other relevant shipping info.
  3. Browse and Find the CSV File to Upload: Find the 'Browse' button and select the file you wish to upload from your device.
  4. Upload and Review Data: Once selected, click 'Import CSV'. After it's uploaded, review the shipment data for any discrepancies or errors. Our system will highlight any problematic entries.
  5. Track Progress: After uploading, you can track the progress of your bulk shipments on the 'CSV Status' page.
  6. Confirm & Process: After reviewing, click 'Process' to automate your bulk shipping. Your orders will now be processed and prepared for dispatch.
  7. Add To Cart: Once completed, add your shipments to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Remember to regularly back up your CSV files for reference and in case of any discrepancies.