CSV Import Guide


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CSV Import Guide: Steps for Bulk Shipment Processing

Streamline your bulk shipment management using CSV files and guarantee label accuracy on every attempt.

Understanding CSV

A CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file is a straightforward text file that retains tabular data, akin to a spreadsheet. Consider it the foundational framework of an Excel document – pure data without the added embellishments like fonts, colors, or calculations.

Core Aspects of CSV:

  • The file must have a .CSV extension.
  • Data fields are delineated by commas; hence, no data field should contain a comma.
  • Preferred size: Up to 50 labels and no more than 20,000 characters.

Breaking Down the CSV Fields

Utilizing our efficient template simplifies the entire procedure. Here's a detailed breakdown of the necessary data points:

Field Description Examples & Options
Carrier Designated shipping service Ex: USPS
Service Specific shipping service Ex: Priority; See the carrier service types section below.
Length Package measurements (in inches) -
Width Package measurements (in inches) -
Height Package measurements (in inches) -
Weight(Lbs) Weight of the package either in pounds -
Weight(Oz) Weight of the package either in ounces -
Package Type Package categorization Ex: FlatRateEnvelope, Custom; See the carrier package types section below.

USPS Service Types (Domestic Only):

Service Type Delivery Duration
First 1-5 business days
Priority 1-3 business days
Express 1-2 days
GroundAdvantage 2-5 days
LibraryMail 2-8 business days
MediaMail 2-8 business days

USPS Package Types:

  • Custom (Custom)
  • Card (Card)
  • Letter (Letter)
  • Flat (Flat)
  • Parcel (Parcel)
  • LargeParcel (Large Parcel)
  • IrregularParcel (Irregular Parcel)
  • Softpack (Softpack)
  • FlatRateEnvelope (Flat Rate Envelope)
  • FlatRateLegalEnvelope (Flat Rate Legal Envelope)
  • FlatRatePaddedEnvelope (Flat Rate Padded Envelope)
  • FlatRateGiftCardEnvelope (Flat Rate Gift Card Envelope)
  • FlatRateWindowEnvelope (Flat Rate Window Envelope)
  • FlatRateCardboardEnvelope (Flat Rate Cardboard Envelope)
  • SmallFlatRateEnvelope (Small Flat Rate Envelope)
  • SmallFlatRateBox (Small Flat Rate Box)
  • MediumFlatRateBox (Medium Flat Rate Box)
  • LargeFlatRateBox (Large Flat Rate Box)
  • RegionalRateBoxA (Regional Rate Box A)
  • RegionalRateBoxB (Regional Rate Box B)
  • LargeFlatRateBoardGameBox (Large Flat Rate Board Game Box)


  • Can I resubmit an identical file? Certainly! However, this will initiate new individual shipments. It's beneficial for repeated shipping needs.
  • What happens if my CSV file exceeds the recommended size? Uploading an overly large file may lead to processing errors or delays. It's recommended to split larger files or contact us for assistance.
  • Can I use special characters in my CSV file? While special characters (e.g., &, #, $) might be acceptable, it's best to avoid them to prevent potential issues. Stick to alphanumeric characters and standard punctuation.
  • How often can I upload CSV files? You can upload as frequently as you need. However, ensure each file meets the recommended size and format requirements for optimal processing.

Common Challenges & Resolutions:

  • Inaccurately entered carrier names.
  • Mismatched service type with chosen carrier.
  • Selection of an inappropriate package type.
  • A carrier's inability to provide a cost estimate for the selected service.

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